is a prezi for presentations…

Posted in Software on January 25th, 2010 by ab

Tired of PowerPoint? Want a simple online alternative that beats Google Presentations? Checkout I won’t write much more about it – you can see my demo presentation embeded below.

Good luck!!!


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The Google Doc-tor is in

Posted in Software, Web on March 10th, 2009 by ab

Published from London – yay jetlag…
Your documents are trapped. Contained within your computer or on a thumb-drive, the copies of your work quickly multiply, especially if you try to share a document or if you work in several locations. Want an example? Let’s say you write a word document on your PC (copy 1). A friend asks you to share it, so you put in a thumb drive (copy 2) and your friend copies onto their computer (copy 3). Not convinced? How about when your friend gives you back the edit (copy 4) in an email (copy 5) which you download to your computer (copy 6)? You’ve now created 6 copies of a document when there were only 2 real transactions – you asked for feedback and you received it. If you were using paper, you’d just pass the paper over and receive the feedback on the same page. Why is it so different and complicated when performed digitally?

Google (as always) feels our pain. Google Docs provides an alternative to the madness of the above scenario. This is software that you don’t have to install (if you were really paying attention it’s a thin client) and if you have a Gmail account, you’re already signed up and ready to go. Your documents are available online; everywhere you have an internet connection. There are three services available in the Docs family and each has good features worth knowing about. Read more »

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