Cocktail Party Geek: The Defrag Rag

Posted in Cocktail Party Geek on April 24th, 2010 by ab

Has anyone ever asked you if you’ve defragged your hard-drive?  Ever wondered what the heck that means?  People often refer to this mystical process as something “you should do” or as the cure all for a slow computer.  The truth – it’s useful and important, but like the magic bullet of any get rich/healthy/smart quick scheme, on it’s own, it’s just a tool. Read more »

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How big is BIG?

Posted in Hardware on April 20th, 2010 by ab

PetabytesThis is an error message I received today when trying to copy a game from one drive to another.  At first, it seems quite normal.  I just don’t have enough space on my drive.  Or do I?  Check a little closer at the highlighted text:


What?  Almost 6PB?  I have that much data on my external hard-drive? Read more »

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