AutoHotKey: command line Gmail AHK script

This was requested (Thanks Dave!!!) – A shortcut to send a quick Gmail message with AutoHotKey.  To send  the message, I included a custom CLgmail.exe app that I wrote.  Check out the AHK file for the required syntax.  Other than that, it’s a pretty simple AutoHotKey GUI app.  I’ve programmed Control + ` to be the hotkey, but the code is included for your own scripts. If you like this, please check out my main blog for other helpful articles!

UPDATED – the separator for clgmail.exe is now | after complaints the last choice was used in email addresses (Thanks Steve!).  On a similar note, please remember that the body field is multi-line already – if you have trouble with this, please drop me a note at

Command Line Gmail (1876)




PS:  By request, the VB code for the app can be downloaded from here.

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