– A return shoutout.

Thanks to my recent mention on Lifehacker, I’ve had a bit more traffic than usual.  It seems only fair to write something in return.  For the last month, I’ve been keeping track of useful Lifehacker articles – pieces that really show (in my opinion) the most interesting themes of their blog.  Here’s a breakdown of why it’s worth checking in from time to time…


The hive five articles – Lifehacker uses reader polls to gather “best of” research.  This can range from best journaling tool (winner pen and paper) to best people search engine (winner   In a world of a billion choices, five is a much more manageable number and these articles let you head straight for the cream.

Productivity tips – Over the years (and it  has actually been a few), I’ve learned more about productivity than anything else from Lifehacker.   Maybe it’s just an area of interest, but it was here that I first learned about Getting Things Done by David Allen or 43 Folders by Merlin Mann or the printable products of David Seah.  For a quick view of the big fish in productivity ideas on Lifehacker, try this link out.

Finally, let’s not forget the day to day tips (the traditional lifehacks) like how to make your own drano.  These were the basis of the original site and it’s what you might call a strong area for the Lifehacker team.  Check out the DIY articles or try searching the Lifehacker for tips in any area – chances are good that someone has written or posted something.

Thanks again to the Lifehacker team for the shout out.


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